Paperwork Needed to Make an Appointment


If you would like to make a first appointment to see a counselor, you may come into our office in 340 Appleby Hall to fill out the paperwork electronically and schedule your first appointment at that time. Or you may click on the link below that coincides with the type of counseling you are requesting, fill out the paperwork online, print it and bring it to 340 Appleby Hall to schedule your first appointment. 

Because our web sites are neither confidential or encrypted you may not submit these forms on the internet or e-mail them to SCS due to lack of confidentiality. Any forms submitted over e-mail will be immediately deleted without being printed.

Please follow the instructions below to fill out the forms needed for the particular type of counseling you are seeking. You may request more than one type of counseling, in which case you can fill out all the applicable forms/questionnaires.

Open the form(s) in Microsoft Word, complete, and print.

Academic Counseling Client Information Form
Career Counseling Client Information Form
Personal Counseling Client Information Form
Academic Skills Coaching Academic Skills Coaching Information (pdf)