(Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)

BASICS is an empirically-supported program for college students to examine their use of alcohol and, if they so choose, develop a way to address any changes they think might be beneficial.  BASICS utilizes a harm reduction approach that seeks to help students reduce the likelihood of harmful events occurring if they choose to drink.  The approach to discussing alcohol is nonjudgmental and supportive.  There is no charge for BASICS.

BASICS takes place over two sessions:

Session 1
The first meeting focuses on an overview of BASICS, including confidentiality and an explanation of the harm reduction approach.  Any questions the student may have are addressed. An additional focus is the completion of questionnaires regarding alcohol use, which will be used as the basis for individualized feedback provided in the second session.  Students are also asked to keep track of their drinking on monitoring cards between the first and second sessions.

Session 2
The second meeting is primarily a review of an individualized feedback profile, based on the results from the questionnaires and the monitoring cards.  The goals are to review the student’s alcohol use objectively, identify any risk factors that might emerge from the data, and look at ways to decrease the risk of harm.  The discussion is nonjudgmental and does not pressure a student to make changes they are not interested in making.  If the student wishes to initiate any changes in their drinking, even small changes, the BASICS counselor is available as a resource to help develop a plan to address this.

If you are interested in taking BASICS, please contact the reception desk at Student Counseling Services at (612) 624-3323 to schedule an appointment. 

Boynton’s webpage also provides helpful information about alcohol and other drugs.