SCS Mission

Student Counseling Services (SCS) supports the teaching, research, outreach, and service missions of the University of Minnesota by offering comprehensive, accessible, flexibly-delivered counseling, consultation, and instruction.

As a unit of the Office for Student Affairs, SCS contributes to the comprehensive education of students, the protection of human rights, and the enhancement of University programs, services, and organizational units.

The mission of SCS is to:

  • Promote the personal, career, and academic growth of students through individual and group counseling.
  • Promote a positive learning community on campus through consultation with academic and administrative units.
  • Advance academic and personal growth through credit and non--credit instruction.
  • Facilitate the assessment and evaluation of individuals through the use of academic, vocational and specialized instruments.
  • Provide supervised training experiences for graduate students in psychology, education, and related disciplines.
  • Further the disciplines SCS represents through leadership in appropriate professional organizations and scholarly research.

In carrying out these programs, SCS plays several roles: educational/developmental (assessing and enhancing potential); preventive (anticipating, circumventing, forestalling difficulties); and remedial (assessing and remedying problems).

SCS emphasizes:

  • Student development.
  • Client assets, strengths, and problem solving skills.
  • Brief interventions.
  • Person-environment interactions.
  • Educational and career development.

SCS is committed to meeting the diverse and changing needs of multiple populations while nurturing and supporting the professional growth and ethical conduct of staff; engaging in innovative program development and management; and participating in the University governance system.